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Its not wise to a low performing child to let be and get under learned. Many people dont learn or know things of their age and caliber justbcos they are not exposed to the knowledge or information gateway in the language they understand. Make your child learn to full potential more so if he is me...

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Seventy percent of learning disorder kids have hyperactiviy. It needs to be treated onky if it hampers learning or day to day activities.

Evolution of ADHD Cure
1987- Therapy, no medications
1997- Medic as last try
2007- medications. First choice

Understand, quality of life is more imp than silly side effects. Sit with your dr and understand what medicine suits best for ur kid.

Early detection helpa modulate a childs development, personality and builds confidence in kids and parents, with medicines and therapy. No action make them a certifiable disability.

A bad handwriting thats not legible is like a heart thats not understood. Its not about just being lazy, but less triumps to repititive conditioned learning.

If you are sneezing and u r wheezing... And no fevers.... U r likely to b allergic rhinitis stretching to asthma if not controlled in time.
If u have sleepless nights with sneezy or wheezy wake ups early morning or late night, u r likely to need steroid inhalers as it is a sign of persistent chro...

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Delaying a professional advice or therapy in a case of developmental delay, thinking that time wil cure its just a one year lag; is wrong. With passage of time, the gap of delay widens because a low growth potential slow developing child will keep growing more slower without help. #DrSK

The process of neuro developmental evaluation starts with a pediatrician prsctising neuro developmental pediatrics. Preliminary assessmwnt includes detailed relevant aetioogical history. Thorough general and neurological examination, understanding the child development and behaviour, cognitio...

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Pediatrician consultations

  • Pediatrician

    New cases
  • Pediatrician

    Follow up cases
  • Pediatric neurologist

    Assessment for autism, ADHD, epilepsy, cerebral palsy etc
  • Occupational therapy sessions

    Four sessions in a month each of 30- 45 min

Occupational therapy consultations

  • OT assessment

    First assessment
  • Occupational therapy sessions

    Four sessions of 30-45 min each in a month


2 months ago
1. analytical improvement was noticed and was able to raise the query in case of non-compliance (logical, investigation, systematic) 2. Statistical understanding based knowledge enhancement was shown(Arithmetic, mathematics, numerical, abacus class) 3. Visual perspective was improved and behavioural changes noticed (during communication) 4. Ability to task the job by coordination means is improved(listen and act skills improving)
- Hemalata K
2 months ago
Before theory she was very hyper active girl but after 3-4 session we found miracle changes in her we found below positive changes in her Cognitive skills – remembering letters, shapes and sequences Fine motor skills – finger dexterity, wrist and forearm control, and hand strength Gross motor skills – balance and body coordination Self-care tasks – dressing, bathing and self-feeding Social skills – taking turns, listening and following directions We really appreciate Dr. Deepali because she changed my daughter life. we never forget her affects those she took on my daughter. Thank you again :) Trupti Nitin Wagh
- Trupti R
2 months ago
Avin has shown Improvement in socialisation with other kids. He can ask for what he needs now witch wasn't the case before as there was no speech interpretation. He couldn't play with toys before, that isn't the case now. There's a lot of improvement overall .
- Sonal K

Child Neuro & Therapy: Shaping Future

Often kids are labelled with various problems related to learning, very casually. Without using exact criteria for diagnosis issues like autism, hyperactivity,learning disability or poor school performance. 
These kids need to be assessed by neuropediatrician to understand key areas of developmental lacunae in a given child which often may be related to some definable disability.  The ND assessment will classify the severity or grade of same and the pediatrician will decide the priority and further reference, follow up and reassessment along the targetted goals; with help of medicines, brain nutrients, neuro modulators and goal directed occupational therapy and speech Therapy. Often there may be a need to perform iQ tests, and various assessments or take help of counselor or remedial educator or behavioural therapist and psychologist. A Pediatrician is the key coordinator of the whole multidisciplinary management. Following up with just a single specialist may make the child vulnerable to have hidden undiagnosed but modifiable morbidities and hence the need for periodic reassements.#DrSK #PedNeuro #CDC #Mumbai click to know more http://aakaarclinic.weebly.com

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